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Locked trial admin


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Name- AzN

SteamID-       STEAM_0:0:148150782

ive been playing CS for over 10 years my account is been recently made because i lost my other account.

i was an admin on TEK server on day of defeat i was there to keep the peace mainly and change maps when players wanted to move on.
im on everyday i can help watch the server. keep the peace in the server

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As far as I can see you havent answered all of the questions provided by the staff application template/form.For example you wrote almost nothing about yourself personaly.And there is also a bonus question wich new staff candidates should consider answering ( question 7) Plus you didnt add your age next to your name.And you didnt mention what's important to you in a server or community.

Check the application template/form again maybe edit and answer the other questions aswell.

As Niiarks mentioned you speak multiple languages (wich is a huge advantage) and you are active especially on ZR. That's all great but :

I will stay neutral for now.



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  1. Applications not using the real template, will be ignored
  2. i know you were 'Donated Admin' an old nide and the first 2 months from new nide, but you were abusing your admin command by using teleport commands and killing others
  3. Bad activity on the server, and not that much active player, i have known you for 8 months on the server and you were not good admin
  4. bad Application 
    So -1
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