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Locked wicked retarded slay


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  1. ➥ Your own ingame name;   machu
  2. ➥ Your own Steam-ID;  STEAM_0:1:94908621
  3. ➥ Name of the admin(s) involved;   Wicked
  4. ➥ Steam-ID of the admin(s) involved;  STEAM_0:1:525795054
  5. ➥ What server did it happen;  Zombie Escape
  6. ➥ What map did it happen; ze_lotr_minas_tirith_v3_3
  7. ➥ Time and date; 7:20pm 06/10/2017
  8. ➥ Explain the situation;  He slayed cts on extreme 3 while we were 10 humans and climbing the circle stairs and progressing the map,we had 2 horses and i had armor with 5 hp seriously there's literally no reason to slay at that stage in general unless the remaining people are at spawn but we didn't we were legit progressing through the map.He has done that before it's not the first time.I wouldn't call that abusing but rather being stupid but tolerating stupidity has a limit.
  9. ➥ Proof;   https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/demos/auto-20221006-181049-ze_lotr_minas_tirith_v3_3.dem.bz2  it happens when the score is 6-1 on 36k frame
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Hello Machu, thanks for making this report. I have watched demo and made conclusion that the round was indeed winnable. Thus, admin is removed now and the thread is closed.
Best regards.

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