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Locked admin application

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1: my name is aboubaker and i'm 15

2: STEAM_0:0:1887258351

3: i was playing cs source since 11years old so it's for 4 years 

4: i think that i'm goood player and i spend like many hours on this server '' zombie escape'' , i know all maps and players in this server , i will be helpfull mumber for the team cause i'm always in server for help in day or night so this is my chance to be admin and i will make this lovely server clean of hacker nad it will be good for server and i know the history of this server i was playing the most day time in this sever , i hope this answer this clear and good to understand it .

5: sry i haven't been an admin in cs source but i was admin in cs 1.6 zombie mod server i was verry help full and i played always on it cause there was alot of hackers so i needed to clean them but i don't know if css and cs 1.6 are the same at admin position .

6: about my self i love this server and i always get one of the top defends at it my name at the server is aboubaker-m.pro, i'm playing on this server right now , i never stop playing ZE server only if i go to sleep or visited my grand parents .

7: if i were a new admin and i find some one using aimbot that mean cheat and cheat isn't right thing so i will ban him and if he did unbann apeal i will unbann him if i find him verry sry about what he did 

i wish to be admins of this server cause i'm loyal player at every thing thnx 

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  • Server Admin

I can feel by this application that being an admin on NiDE would be an important thing to you. I felt like you were saying the truth, in your head, and you wanted to do everything you could for the server, so unlike my buddies above, i don't think it's a bad application, but the opposite. You took the time to think carefully about the questions and write the answers, so that's nice.

My problem is just your lack of activity (only saw you a few times in the server), your bad knowledge of maps (that will be important to your decisions of slaying/restricting items, etc) and your english, that is +/-. So at the end... It's a -1 for me.

So concluding, we will have to say NO. But thanks for the application, we appreciate your effort. I hope to see you ingame more often!

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Neutral,I can see that you really want to be an admin here,but I am concerned about your english level,I am concerned it might not help you understand us,in case we speak fo something more complicated etc

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