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Locked Niiarks funny Admin!!!


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Hi, Colleagues,

I wont to complain about the unpleasant behavior of one of your Admins! My nickname its nEXT , my own steam ID: steam_0:0:1990980208.

The name of the admin is Niiarks! On server Zombie Revival. I am telling you the situation as I felt it.  I really like your server and since i found it i do not miss a day to have fun on it. I am 33 years old and have never allowed myself to offend anyone, especially Mr. Niiarks! In fact , I admired the way he mastered the game, its nice player, but that's all. Everything starts around 3:30 am on 31.03.2020, the map is zm_failinc_catacomb_v1_1'  I don't know why every time he catches or kills me in the game on the screen he shows me " [Admin] Niiarks : ╭∩╮( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮" (it is original copy)! At the beginning i did not pay attention to the individual in question, but the ridiculous trademark began to appear constantly and aimed at me repeatedly!!! At the same time he was constantly commenting in French (a language from which i have no concept) with other admins online. All this pretty upset me and managed to spoil the enjoyment of the game and the nice impression from this server!  I didn't mind complaining  until the Individual decided to make fun of me. He hooked me on purpose with a "Dryer Props"(Game attribute ) and made others shoot at me, so to die many times, while having fun at my back!!! All this happens shortly before 4 am on 31.03.2020 server Zombie Revival, map zm lila panic metal... I no longer intend to go into this server because they made me feel insignificant and abuse my kindness in particular the funny admin.

I just want you to know what constitutes a playing hour in the company of the ridiculous person in question, namely  [Admin] Niiarks 

With best wishes 

nEXT ?️

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Hey, please follow the real templete for admin abuse report.

Understood your problem, but it does not considee an abuse admin, when he kills you he types like an insult emoji.

At this situation we all can understand the game, the game is zombies vs humans and it is clear, he types this emoji only to laugh but i know you are serious and do not like that, in my opinion it considers an insult to the player and Niiarks you stop making this emoji to someone is serious like this player, if someone does not care about your insult emoji you can make it at this situation.

About the dryer that he hooked you, it is allowed you can teleport to your spawn.

He was commenting in French, everyone is accepted to speak his language in chat or voice chat, at all you can also speak your language.

I think this issue is resolved.

Edited by aF! mohamed.
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