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CS:S ZE and ZR connection issues should now be fixed ×

Locked admin Wanderer


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well you know , everybody know you , and i was merciful with you by not perma banning you while you deserve it .

you started saying i suck and so did your friend w25.

this is retarded , and i won't even wait for other admins since they know what are you.

one more wrong thing coming from you and its a perma ban.

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well this is not a reason to tell me what reason i should ban you for , its obvious , you are a retarded kid

otherwise how can you call me a nonamer , i play this game for 3 years and i already beat you in every aspect of skills , you are just embarrasing yourself

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Thanks for taking the time to write this post. 

So, I watched the entire demo (use timestamps next time) and what is clear to me is the fact that you (!forze) W25 and Holy mary were clearly ganging up on Wanderer insulting him. Now, he answered you the same way you talked to him that is true, so the sanction he gave you might not have been the best choice. In the future bear in mind that insulting someone, a player or an admin, can and will be punished. Playing ze should always be a pleasure to everyone and insulting serves the exact opposite. 

To conclude this report, I'd like for you to grow up and leave the little tensions that exists between you behind and go on. 

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    • This isn't the issue. The issue was related to the connection extension right here. It was updated recently, and we have received fewer reports of being unable to connect, so I'll assume this issue is fixed. Please create a new thread if the issues do arise again for anyone.
    • Thanks for your feedback Midknight. Actually i don't see you in the game as much as I used to. I guess the times we play don't match 🙂
    • Application could use some work, also activity (ive no clue what timezone youre in, might affect how many times i see you in game) but you seem like a nice, decent player and ive not seen any trolling or toxic behaviour, i dont see a reason you shouldnt be given a shot tbh +1

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