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Locked Why nobody respect this rule?

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the server rules is clear in this point: Boosting zombies towards humans may result in a kick or a ban up to 30 minutes

This is a rules in Zombie Revival. https://nide.gg/servers/server_rules/

Look penultimate paragraph in Server Rules: Zombie Revival

I'm not saying it me, it's there, but nobody respect this rules, especially the admins

So, this is a server serious or is a joke?

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Hey, thanks for the topic/report whatever you will call it, so we want our server to be more different than the other zombie revival servers, Knifing zombies into humans is fun and everyone liked it, the server has been created since 2016, and knifing zombies into humans was allowed.
And no one complained about that expect you, so you can be friend with other players so they can knife you into humans as a zombie, don't be scared, the admins won't touch you if you troll like this, So please we use this way to make the server the most different server in css, and this rule is already removed from Servers/Server Rules/CS:S Zombie Revival , Hope you enjoy the server, have a nice day ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

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