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Locked lmntrix being "lmntrix"


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1: Your own ingame name - Lunala
2: Your own steam-ID - i will put it later
3: Name of the admin(s) involved - lmntrix
4: What server did it happen on - nide zombie escape
5: What map - ze_boatescape_remix then ze_surf_sahok
6: Time and date - today? check demos
7: Explain the situation - its not the first time , yesterday lmntrix kept insulting me for telling people to vote for doorhug , calling me a retard and a fag etc , and it was not only me , he is just using his powers as admin to do what he want , i actually never saw him doing anything useful beside gaggine people who hurt his feelings.

today i got gagged again along side with aaa mohmmued and lowparty , simply for writing the same message "thrice" , total spam or whatever he thinks it is

then he cried to shizo about 3 players "grouping on him" lol , an admin who can't even deffend himself
8: Proof - no proff. you can watch demo , i won't waste my precious time with sending the demo or screenshots for the mistakes  of the admin team

i am also surprised how an admin can afk for 6 months and still retain his lead administration :thonk:


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I would like to ask @LmntriX the reasons of the gags, since he said "spam" for just writting a message 3 times. But this looks like an excuse,  because he ignored my question a lot of times. 



This may not be important but as I know admins shouldn't do !sm on players, just guess who did that

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Before i start i want to say that lowparty left admin team after got insulted by lmntrix for no add reason in the bans /gags/mutes,  and now he did the same as i see on the report

I dont have nothing against this german ( he is turkey) guy , but he clearly proved many times that he cant be not only lead admin , normal admin tho . ( check how many reports he has), he is becoming the New hope (Farmer Lead Admin) .Idont give a sh*t about whats going there on the server but let the People enjoy the game and stop acting like is admins are something like swats.

I was bad admin and that had consecuences but i see daily reports here a no one do sh*t , at least demote this guy to server admin so he wont think he is superior than everyone 

If i Could help i would do this on the server:

Add server manager as lead admins ( killik and kelyan) more reasonable guys ( except when the shemale rai chu corrupts on killik mind)  , make some good server admins like wicked and aimzakar lead admin and give back lead role to lowparty

So Lardy i would like to answer me  and give ur opinion ( not sausage one cause he is clearly imparcial and i dont consider shizo as manager )

PD: sorry for my english and ze will die on 2021

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im not trying to hate on lmntrix or anything but i just want to provide my 2 cents. 

i think that someone in lead admin/head admin position within any community should be well regarded and understood by the current set of active players and admins. from recent stuff it doesnt seem to be the case. and please grow a bit thicker skin instead of banning someone for petty insults. 

edit: i also vividly remember that on october 3rd he had a heated arguement with wicked and kicked him mid gameplay and brought up demoting him on mako, leads publicly picking up fights with normal admins does show there is something wrong happening. 

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Guys, you act like you are innocent and some kind of victim of violence.  you provoked and howled about the punishment.  You attacked in a targeted manner and took advantage of the moment when I wanted to hear a tip from Shizo.

This is why you got gagged, you copied and pasted it, for what reason? You said grow up, nice advice for yourselves.


topic closed( since noone serious answers)

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