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Locked akadir


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1: Your own ingame name lunala
2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:0:165077961
3: Name of the admin(s) involved akadir   STEAM_0:0:68451937
4: What server did it happen on ze server
5: What map trainescape 
6: Time and date 20 min ago or something 
7: Explain the situation ok i will make it as short as possible ( and please dont lock this report so early like every single other report )

akadir usually joins the server and do nothing other than spamming torchlight  , and then tells people to !sm nide tv if they dont like it , and today he joined the server and  first disabled torchlight then re enabled it , then just made a vote to disable it completely , which is totally ok ? not contradictory at all . i am sure that is retarded so i called him a retard , and he deserved it , i don't call people retards for no reason , but for an incompetent admin like this ? totally not worth a gag ( i dont care about the duration ) 
8: Proof i cant give a proof of everytime akadir is just there sitting on spec , so i think every demo with him on server should work

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  • Server Admin

Wel first of all let me start by saying that you can get gagged by insulting a admin the first time i warned and gagged you for 1 min after that you continued to insult me ( wich i wil not tolarate) the reason in the beginning why i disabled torchlight is that i got a admin message that someone was spamming. Just a second after i turned it off to see what was going on you kept on insulting. I dont care what names you call me but "if you cant do the time dont do the crime" 


Btw next time you make clams such as akadir usually joins the server and do nothing other than spamming torchlight

and after that not even adding proof should be pretty pointles for you to make a report about it in the firstplace 

You where a admin on this server you should know how to behave in the first place. 


I wil ask the higher ups to give their opinion on this matter. so this topic should be as neutral as possible 


Thankyou for being friendly and understanding

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i did not report an admin for command abuse to add a proof , i wont add a proof for something so common 

and gagging me for 1 min is clear threatening not a warning

insulting admins ? you deserved that , did you ever wonder about why no one insults admins that do their job properly ?  you don't even gag everytime someone calls you a retard or else half of the server would be gagged by now

also yes i was an admin , and i never gagged people for calling me such words , its their personal opinion , i see no reason for this rule , an admin's respect and disrespect comes from actions not about what people call you , if someone calls you a retard that doesn't make you , unless you answer by the manner you did.

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I really have no stance on this situation because I wasn't there but I just want to say a few things


Tbh, if you can't handle being insulted then you probably shouldn't be admin. ZE itself is toxic so if you let people get under your skin or you get mad because someone said a word that is widely used on the server, it will lead to bias (as seen above)

Also, you said that you will not tolerate insults as if you expect automatic respect because you are a server admin. Respect should be earned, not demanded. And if you say otherwise, then you should mute/gag everyone who sh*t talks other players since player happiness should be the priority right? I'm sure they wouldn't tolerate disrespect either


That is all :^)

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