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Locked Rocklee abusing and witch hunting


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1: Your own ingame name Creepy
2: Your own steam-ID you have it
3: Name of the admin(s) involved rocklee
4: What server did it happen on zombie escape 
5: What map Cosmo canyon v5
6: Time and date 16:47 29/01/2021
7: Explain the situation After I removed Rocklee from steam for his silly jokes about my friends and my group he decided to witch hunt me and focus on me mainly, like he did previously on others, he keep on abusing me and threatening me although I'm not even trolling, today I said go yek and he muted me although others said to go yek too and he didnt mute them. I just joke sometimes go yek on FF map and no one cares about ff anyway, unless u are really big nerd like this root I'm reporting. Anyway I hope he gets whoop in ass and get removed from root position because it's not for him
8: Proof check logs because I don't have access

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10 minutes ago, RockLeeTheGreenBeast said:

Here we go again, making up your own lies and stories again, dont know what happend to you but you are clearly disturbed i recomend u go and see a doctor and get some help like no joke, your behaviour lately towards admins on nide is not acceptable and your trolling,  today you mislead in mic to use yektima and just by reading your report im loosing braincells of how stupied u can be sometimes, Witchhunt ? u mean the same witchhunt u did to 10 + players on the server when you abused them several times just because they didnt like you ? You removing me from steam tbh i couldnt care less its just childish of you to get mad just because another admin banned you and i stood neutral and tried to explain you your mistakes but as usual u dont want to listen or learn, everything u do or think is the right way according to your head and mentality. you mute and gag has been a long time coming due to your toxic behaviour on the server trolling and spamming and just in generel  using a bad microphone that annoys people. 1 month gag and 1 month mute and we will act accordingly from Sourcebans as i told u before, 187 coms! 

187 coms and most of them are just jokes or I got unmuted after you dingus, and who the f*ck mute for misleading "go yektima" literally no one just you, and I removed you from steam because of your sh*t jokes about my group and friends in it, I got very mad that day so I removed you day after. And I got mad to ban because it was silly and I get banned for that but I see others die like that too and they didnt get banned on nide. What kind of bullsh*t is this.

And when did I troll? Did you eat mushrooms or something? I just joked go yektima like others do, sometimes I say go yek because it's fun not necessarily troll, unless it's hard map

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