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JFX - Ban appeal


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In-Game Name: JFX

Steam ID:    [U:1:107975220]

Banned by: Deepn

Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD

Reason: 'knifing zombies'



First of all, i didn't knife any zombies *at people. We were on labs. A zombie lagged out thru the barricade of players, and continued getting shot into a corner, but kept lagging and got some people.
I started trying to knife them OFF THE DOOR WE HAD TO GO THRU

Apparently this is somehow my fault, and deepn banned me. Just noticed, because i went to go get dinner

Not that I really give a f*ck, it's two hours, but are you actually serious with this?
this clearly wasn't intentional.

i play ZE while working when im bored,
I didn't come on to have you decide to ban me because you're butthurt another admin lagjumped thru the barricade.

Tl;dr I ain't do sh*t

*edit for clarity, i forgot because the round was already f*cking over at that point
because there were like 10 zombies in front of the door and i was trying to clear them back

*second edit, deepn apologized and now i feel bad.
I love you deepn. You're cool again ❤️

Edited by JFX
deepn best admin
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Because I am an angry person after work, as my life is tragic.
I get paid a lot, but it does little to stem my constant anxiety and depression.

I am very sorry for saying 'f*ck deepn' though. I shall retract this.

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