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Locked TwinPeaks


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1: MakeMeLucky
2: STEAM_0:1:25699962
3: TwinPeaks
4: Zombie Escape
5: ze_capture_the_flag_f6
6: 02-05-21 22:42
7: I was a zombie and threw a human item up into the air. 
The task of the zombie team is to infect all people and not let the ct win

8: NIDE rules. I don't see my punishment.

Does he want to ban himself for the same reason?
It seems to me that there are personal interests.
I haven't had any bans before. It's a matter of principle.
Thank you for attention.



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Guest TwinPeaks

i have gotten some knowlege from the other admins, and it seems i'm in the wrong on this one. I'm sorry that i banned you for reasons that wasnt justified, I have nothing against you as a player or as a person. I hope that you will forgive me and that we can become friends in the future.

i hope that ill see you ingame someday soon!


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

@MakeMeLucky sorry for this mistake. Indeed Twin shouldnt have ban you for that. You of course can knife items as a zombie to avoid humans to win.
Thank you for your message and your understanting.
BTW your ban has been removed so you have a clean records without ban !
Have a good day !
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