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    Good guy and active, gl and +1
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    I dont extend, i swear.
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    I was playing at the time, I saw Lmntrix control wael's vip, and Lmntrix also provoked wael
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    +1, nice player and good guy.
  5. 1- My name is Bruno Alejandro and i have 15 years old (LolSito in-game) 2- STEAM_0:0:243844736 3-I've been playing counter strike source for about 5 years 4-Maybe you should need me on the staff because I would try to improve the community, I am a pacifist boy and I am willing to share this peace with all of you. The server needs a healthy gameplay and without any disturbance that damages our players, so that they enjoy playing without interruptions. 5-My experience is basic on this platform, i have been an administrator on CS1.6 servers, so my behavior is healthy, strong and practical. Obviously, i will be able to obtain much more knowledge over time where my work takes place. My proposals for the server is to keep it away from a toxic environment, look for an environment where everyone can play quietly and enjoy it. i will deal with malicious players, players who only seek evil for our server. 6-I usually play more than 7 hours on the server, but sometimes studies bother me when i play, i still have 4 years to finish high school and go to study a profession, i am very supportive, i always like to help those who need it . 7-I would go to spec such a player, i need to have fundamental tests to abide by a sanction, if he is using such a hack he would eject him from the server with this reason: Take off the hack, if he accesses the server again using the hack and ignored my warning I would have to give him a ban of 1 day or more.