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Locked LmntriX Application!

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1: Your name 2: What server you wish to administrate 3: Previous experience 4: Reason for applying 5: Other things that we might need to know about you

1. LmntriX

2. Zombie Escape Nide.GG (make nide great again)

3. ive been on this server since 1-2 years and been admin for that time ^^.  Been admin Metros server aswell have good connections with few admins like ingame klixus batat etc.

4. I wanna help, i want to make Nide the best Server ;)

5. well as i said ive been admin on this server before and always tried help out but it was hard with pivo, i think with new Root its gonna be more to handle things out.

im Serdar from Germany 22 years old so im mature i got headset i can talk, i can help new players out etc.

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