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Locked PàràdOx's app

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1: PàràdOx

2: Ze Server

3: Was an admin for almost a year on nide 

4: I don't mean to be arrogant or something, but many players liked the time back when i was an admin  where the abuse was very less than ever before, i left the admin team after a year when the big abuse started, and no one in the community wanted to hear to players feedback including mine, and felt like the community is just a pure crap. So to be honest i would like to come back because i do have faith (although its very small) that the community can recover especially with Klixus returning back, and to be clear my application is related to the community status, if the community doesn't listen to players and going to be a mess again, i would leave the admin team again (if my admin app gets accepted ofc) 

5: Maybe you would like to know that i'm very busy with univ... idk?

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@PàràdOx Hey Paradox ive known u for a long time, and we both played a lot together on nide as admins.

I have good feeling with you, i think you are a responsible guy.

I will talk with Batat about your Application.

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Dear @PàràdOx me and batata we have decided, that we would like to have you in our Team and Community.

We've known you for so long,we dont have any doubts at all. 

Congratulations to your recruitment!

Your Admin will be activated in a few hours! 

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