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Locked Rocklee Abuse


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1: Your own ingame name: Klixus
2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:76393699
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Rocklee (My hero Academia)
4: What server did it happen on: Zombie escape
5: What map: ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3
6: Time and date: 9.12.2019 20.45
7: All normal modes were beaten. He then extends 15 minutes, Limonada cancels it. Then he extends 15 min again, vote passes. Then when that abuse extend is done, he does another one for 10 min. It fails. Then he does another vote, after the previous abuse vote failed. And he does it to slow, so he uses extendmap to allow the vote to go through.
8: Proof: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20191209-193537-ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3.dem

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Ahh forgot to mention, he knew he was abusing but he did it anyway to impress mako fags who are 10 years younger than him. He even says that he will probably be demoted in the demo. Enjoy that sh*tshow @Lardy

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Joke or not, it's still abuse. Also the majority clearly did not want it when your last extend failed, yet you did another extend vote and extendmap despite the majority not wanting it. And it says a lot when a mako vote fails with that many laser fags present ?

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We know you have your own agenda Klixus but looks like a Judas move to rob someone's admin for listening to the people. An admin's main task I assume? Rocklee himself doesn't like Mako but cares more about the server's current flow. You just talk about rules when it suits you, but lets talk about it anyway. There are a billion ching chong modes added noone cares about on the server yet you make it impossible to revote the original last mode? (Ex2 should be revotable). But since this is the current decision for Mako we can assume Mako isn't finished at all which makes sense cuz the server sticks to a stable 64/64 after ex2 is beaten so we go beat other modes. Imagine adding modes to a map to beat and then calling it abuse (almost like he ruined your entire day) just to beat some other modes on a map that weren't even beaten yet. Is extending for stage 6 port royal (which is added by community) also abuse?  People were having a good time on the map. Wish you could enjoy it as much as the rest of us.

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Imo it was abuse. If the lead admins do not agree i am ofcourse fine with that. I'm not gonna start a discussion with players when this is the section for reporting admins. Day definetly not ruined, and i hope both of you still have a good evening. Waiting for higher ups before i comment any more.

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  • Server Admin

About the first extend, RockLee questioned me in the discord chat if he was allowed to extend after all the extend vote options were already used and i allowed him to do it. So nothing to be pointed in this part. I know Mako is officialy beaten once you beat extreme2, but there are also other modes. And after using all the extend options during the votes, i see that extend of 15 mins as a bonus, to let people finish at least one or two of them. I also accept your point of view, that if the team didn't beat the map, including the other modes, in 2 or 3 extends, then too bad. But well, i guess the 2 point of views should be acceptable, so the decision is neither bad or wrong and, specially, it wasn't made with the goal of abusing, since he doesn't even like Mako that much.

The issue comes at the 2nd extend vote, when the final answer was not to extend (with 60% supporting this)  and RockLee still ignored it and did another vote. Not to mention that he indeed started a new vote, which in my opinion was already excessive, since you were already playing the map for a long time, so that was unnecessary. I don't know what was in his mind when he did it, but he must have his reasons. Anyways, i see these last actions as wrong decisions. 

Concluding, 1st decision is neutral. 2nd decisions were bad decisions. I will talk to him about it so he doesn't repeat the same mistake again. 

Thanks for the report.

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Hello Klixus,

They are some things to note:

About the first extend,

Since Mako is not an easy map for admin, i have to take all details before to give my opinion so I watched the demo (yeah 1h30) and it wasn’t an abuse for several reason:

Players beaten the map(ext2) it’s true, but like u know, they are mods on this map, so one extend is an option if the score is good and the team too.

i also noticed more than 50 players on this map even after the first extend done by Rocklee, I guess it wasn’t a bad Choice from him.

this map has a low countdown so if players enjoy the map, then im for an entend too only if the team +score are good.

about the second extend,

tbh it was an abuse, especially when he « re » tried to extend and I also noticed that Rock lee acted for the server and not for himself because players asked him to do it: good and bad thing.

-1: we have rules, so admins must follow it because it gave us credibility, force extend likes he done is not acceptable and Rock lee shouldn’t bee that suggestible. 

+1: I never saw Rock lee acting for himself but always for the server and players and it’s a really good thing for me.

Thx for u report, don’t hesitate to reply if u think I’m wrong, because actually, I trust in your point of view and I’m serious.


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Hello Klixus.

Thanks for report.

1. @Monkey D Luffy you ask Batata and extend map for 15 minutes, i nothing saying about it. But after you start second extend vote and this vote failed, i don't know why you start third (abuse) vote for 10 minutes.

2. "First extra extend - 15 min
Last extra extend - 5 min" this is from "Admin Guidelines" .

You said 10 minutes was last extend.

My opinion: Admin don't know rules.

Now open "Admin Guidelines" and teach ALL  rules.

Ignorance of the rules - doesn't exempt from liability.

Edited by Killik
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