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This is my first post on the forum, and I signed up just to make it! I play on the ZE server from time to time, and recently I got really nostalgic and decided to search up a little map I made back in 2012,  over a decade ago! The map's name was ze_AlienShipArcade, and I made it for a competition. I remember the map not being played because something happened to the person that was hosting the competition. It was pretty much abandoned, and I essentially gave up on it really quickly.


However, I noticed that the most recent (and only) reference to this map that I could find comes from NiDE. I found this to be a big coincidence, but what I found to be even more strange is the fact that the map was apparently added to the rotation fairly recently. Here's the post:


I was wondering what happened to the map. Does anyone know if it was added? If so, why was it removed? And if not, would it be possible to add it back? It would mean a lot to me to finally be able to play 1 round on it after 10 years!


Thanks 🙂


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this may help you (in case you don't have the map file). If you want the map added to the server, you should talk to a server manager

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2 hours ago, Sleggie said:

I found the map on GFL too! Thanks 🙂


Who can I contact or tag to have a look at this so it could potentially be added?

@ Hobbitten (I tagged him so you don't have to)
Other server managers or people who could help you are Cmer, Rushaway and Rognus. You don't have to tag them unless hobbitten doesn't respond but I guess he will.

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2 hours ago, Hobbitten said:

Will take a look at it @ Sleggie on test later 🙂.

I see you also made the map yourself well done. Are you able to contact me on discord and i'll see what I can do for you.



I have to admit this is not my finest work. It wasn't my first map by any means, but I got improved so much since AlienShipArcade. In fact, I was really really young when I made this. From what I remember though, it does play out pretty nice. It pretty much fits in the old-school category. I'll add you on Discord!


And thanks everyone for the support! 🙂

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11 hours ago, Lord Vader said:

The map looks... OK, I guess?

As I’ve mentioned before, I know it’s not the most beautiful thing in the world. But it’s really old and made by someone who at the time was still quite new to mapmaking. This post was more of an investigation than anything as I was so surprised to see traces of it on NiDE so many years after it was made.


If anyone knows how it was found let me know, but I have a feeling it was someone from GFL that might have added it to a FastDL list a long time ago. How they found it would be a mystery!


Fun fact: this map took be about 14 hours to compile back then. Today it would take me a few minutes.

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