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On 1/27/2023 at 6:54 AM, DetroitMulletKing said:

the only link available to me at checkout is paypal. is there any other way?

For currency we dont accept credit card options etc. Sadly paypal is the only option we have to offer. However paypal is pretty easy to use and create an account. It is also totally safe to use if you link your credit card to paypal it will work.

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then do i have a story for you. I have a pay pal account that i haven't used sinced I made it when they started. (over 20 years ago) I've tried to update it JUST to donate to this f*cking server that I've been playing on for years. I've even asked on the servers while playing but idiots think that I can donate outside f*cking paypal. f*ck off! So all the ways I try to update my paypal account is saying either can't verify, or my f*cking number isn't a real number! SO f*cking A! (I grew up closer to Canada than any state in the Union) I spent 4 hours on hold calling to paypal. I looked for an online chat because f*ck off istn't that sh*t the fastet? NOPE, no f*cking online chat for paypal, a billion dollar company that can eat a bag of dicks. Seriously, a king sized McDonalds bag of f*cking dicks. so how many hours do i need to spend trying to figure out how to give you money for your f*cking server?

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