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IXR Icey Cake

Your sprays

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This community mostly entertains me with such..  creativity. Like sprays.

Man, whenever yall sprays anywhere , in any map, i got distracted by looking at them. And of course, i judged them. Most of you guys may have heard me saying "nice spray/i like this spray/look at this spray damn, holysh*t.." and im always there to check.

Okay, i kindly ask you guys to post your sprays here to let me have a look 😏 i'll be the judge of that.. (idk about yall posting nsfw sprays here luuuulz)

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1 hour ago, NikaTech said:

@IXR Icey Cake ye.. other people have this server as well... and what do u mean fine? it's Thicc AF... the epitome of thickness... and sexinesss.... 

Hey hey, thats what i meant. Basically, you can say that the girl is fine as heck! 

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