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Big suggest to fix one glitch.


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So I see some players are using glitch with zombifine and changing team.

How it works: Potential player going to spec - wait for mother infection - join back as CT after infection (in ~1 sec) - ????????? - done! If zombie teleporting back away from CT - you have no risk (or almost) to die by zombies => 100% avoid infection.

How to fix: If time of zombifine is out and someone is trying to join after - make him zombie. If before infection - he is still CT, but have a chance to be zombie.

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It's weird, because these commands have the following values right now:


// Player will be protected from infection when spawning into the game late. // Default: "1" zr_spawnprotect "0"

// Time from the start of the round to allow ZSpawn. [Dependency: zr_zspawn_timelimit] // Default: "120.0" zr_zspawn_timelimit_time "0.0"

// Spawn player on the zombie team AFTER the timelimit is up. ['-1' = Block ZSpawn | '0' = Spawn as human | '1' = Spawn as zombie | Dependency: zr_zspawn_timelimit] // Default: "1" zr_zspawn_timelimit_zombie "1"


I tried to change the 2nd one to 0.1, maybe 0.0 it's not accepted, i don't know...

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