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  1. OMG i wasnt expecting that at all. I hope your situation will be better for you in a near future, focusing yourself on your personal life rather than the virtual world. You were a really good server manager that learns really fast with an open mindset. Whenever you feel like you want to come back, do not hesitate and contact us ! You will be missed by a lot of people, goodbye friend.
  2. weird it was supposed to be fixed but thanks for the report
  3. wut nano making an admin application big +1
  4. Boss


    We already have the best settings on the server and we are not gonna add server side restrictions
  5. Btw nice VAC ban Evil + misleading on lasers + using fake names + using throwaway email + using multiple ip addresses This case is closed since the OP cannot comprehend a simple rule and is 100 times worst than Mivec
  6. Those are just speculations you are talking about something that never happened, why are you being so mad Evil ?
  7. Its not a matter of being top damage on the boss, what matters is not shooting AT ALL
  8. The rule is: not shooting on lasers = slay Here is a demonstration of your friend mivec not shooting:
  9. Thanks for proving me im right
  10. thanks for sharing my youtube videos i get more money btw
  11. i am shooting in both the videos u monkey and others videos were made before the new no knifes out on boss rule
  12. willyyyyyyyyyyy +100000000000000000000000000
  13. Really well written application that's a big +1 from me ;)
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