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Locked JOE MAMA and LolSito insult


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time- 10:03, day 7.07.2020

map- ze_skill_escape

they both insulted me, this is how it started:

When i saw that JOE MAMA was admin, i asked him that why didnt he buy css

then he answered me: stfu luffy ni**er, he said it 2 times

then lolsito told me: luffy negero retardoso.

Proof- i took screenshot, but i cant send them here, some1 help me to find them in folder

P.S.- that day, i didnt insulted NiDE, i respect NiDE, the truth is that BMS trolled me that i could be admin on NiDE.


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  • Server Admin

Don't Worry bro it is usual among friends :classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin:Enjoy it and reply them with a SAVAGE answer You can ask me if you need some savagery haha Stay Blessed

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