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Hey! @Batata is regrettably stepping down in the not-to-distant-future, this has led to some foreseen changes in the direction we want to progress. 

Currently as we complete the transition from @Killik stepping up to take over @Anwar's role, we now will attempt to seamless transition an even more pivotal role. 


In order to facilitate the new era of Nide, Ingame and the Lead Admins thought it prudent to revise the current system and make much needed adjustments to where we view necessary. 

We have significantly reduced ban guidelines, and will continue to shift them off any community feedback given.


TL:DR Bans
Stopped banning for: Item trolling; Bhop scripts/hyper etc; No boss shooting

How do we deal with this from now?
Item trolling - !eban
Bhop script - !bhop <target> 0 (Plugin should autodisable bhop on target that detected)
No boss shooting - !slay

As well as no player respawn when they crash/afk etc.


You can read more on the edited ban rules / durations here -


Furthermore, as we continue this 'New Nide,' it is worth noting that currently Pivo is Sever Admin again on Nide under @inGame's direct recommendation. 

This means, that it is (now more than ever) essential that if you see incorrect behaviour from old or new admins, that you alert us so we can deal with the situation. 


We live in an unsafe world, but we can at least ensure our servers, both ze and zr, are safe and enjoyable spaces for everyone to enjoy.

- Sausage

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