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  1. Chrono

    Only your reports are handled like a joke.
  2. Chrono

    "Pings an zr admin for a ze post"
  3. Chrono

  4. Chrono

    You really are Deepn's biggest fan
  5. Chrono

    As a honest opinion it would be a -1 for me I really don't see him in a admin role and doing good right now. I play a lot on nide a lot and I have seen him mute only one person which is the kid onii chan a kid he really doesn't like but doesn't mute like 4 people spamming with like super sh*t mics on otaku. Sin has done some non admin behaviour stuff, like abusing a bugged spot on the cubes in lucid and then asking me not to tell admins to fix it. That doesn't seem like nide admin to me.
  6. Chrono

    Nigga my admin app was a joke cant you tell? and I'm not 35
  7. Chrono

    Is your only goal in your life to demote deepn?
  8. Chrono

  9. Chrono

    Yes, but still you don't have 2 day connection.
  10. Chrono

    Isnt the minimum connection time to apply for admin 4 days? You don't even have 2 day connection time yet.
  11. Chrono

    +1 Mullet man
  12. Chrono

    g*y Nice unban reason
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