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  1. You have good Qualities and i would love to test them (AS you said below) >About knowledge,well I experienced enough to know that an administrator`s job is never easy nor simple.And what sacrifices are made,from time to time. >I wish to gain experience,knowledge,help where I can of course,this isnt only about me after all. >,I try to do multiple things at the same time,in a short time span.Other then that I know the importance of doing the right thing. Detailed and very promising application with high confidence and self respect. So it's a +10 from me
  2. +Low activity Never saw socializing "First girl admin" we had 3 girls on nide. 2(At pivo days) 3rd was Selfish. This proved that you are not active too. So -1
  3. we are ready for your serious application. I'll wait for it. As i said yesterday. You are far better than this. Anyways Good Luck! And Have fun!
  4. I agree with Lardy. The staff has already decided to decline it right now. But as Lardy said.. we can change the opinions if the application does not have illegal words.
  5. I agree with Lmntrix. He again made the same mistake. Talking about others. The application must be about your self only. But yes. i do see some changes so 50/50
  6. Smh. If you don't have pc as the first place then don't write this application makes no sense. Secondly: You are less active on server. I see you on server like once a week. So -1. Wait for leads to reply to you
  7. Agreed. i would've unmuted him at the same time
  8. First of all: I warned twice in game using msay. And each time left you spammed voice chat. I re-joined x3 times and you were constantly repeating. Regardless of what happened i hope you are not offended by my decision. But caught you already know that i'm very strict to players who voice spam/disrespect/insult or make funny (non) sounds in the mic. I hope you understand that we (admins) on nide make sure that the server is running normally without any trouble. But constantly breaking the rules is definitely not allowed. I'll say it more clearly to all players again> This is NOT Unloze< Don't think we have autism on NiDE. If you think that you are allowed to spam even for a second then forget it. The rules will apply to every single player/admin on the server. If you think that this is not fair then possibly you must be tired or just not interested in the server (Means join to spam to get punished and then leave). we all have different hearts and different brain. Secondly: Voice chat is for using VOICES to voice chat. It wasn't meant to play music,spams, funny sounds, non sense bullsh*t through it ffs. We all love trolls. none in this world has the right to go against our fun unless there are some kind of consequences. And yes i do foolish stuff OUTSIDE the server. For example: trolling on public discords, annoying others etc. But please keep this all outside the server and none is gonna judge you or touch you for this. I hope you understand my point of view. but if you take it to heart them i sorry to heart your feelings and i wish to see you in the game again. if you have any questions or any kind of hatred against me then you can pull it all out now(on discord or pm xd)! At last Good Luck and Have fun!
  9. Daddy pls... and if i did something you would say its abuse xD So don't try :v First of all.. It's not right to blame all admins... you are in no situation to insult all admins with your post title. Secondly.. you must ask them before reporting and post their replies as a screenshot. that will make things clear. it would also be like this "Caught forgot to use item or the item didnt work" I would say.. let leads handle this.. they will watch demo. and clear up the stuff here.
  10. Think before voting. Its only Level 1. So here's what i will do. NOTE: This will also affect future levels. v1 = level 1 v2= level 1,2 v3= level 1,2,3 v4= Level 1,2,3,4 v5= Level 1,2,3,4,5
  11. Henry


    blame who? owner?
  12. What the heck is wrong with you?
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