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Locked nice abuse


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1: Your own ingame name : Mivec
3: Name of the admin(s) involved : checkster
4: What server did it happen on : CSS ZE
5: What map : ze_knife_fun
6: Time and date : 8-23-2019 09:23 



7: Explain the situation : Knife fun. Me and checkster were the only ones alive. I was at the booster to the roof and checkster was on the roof. I saw my friend reed at the bottom , I decide to let him go try to kill checkster. He kills checkster. Checkster gets all butthurt and says , "Time to ban reed and mivec" or something and then *poof* we're banned. I'd also like to point out that that wasn't even teamwork. I just chose to ignore reed and let him go for checkster. Not my fault checkster couldn't knife off a guy with 10x his ping. And also , note this rule which is ironically stated first , "Inflating or Teamwork between human and zombies is prohibited, any attempt will result in a warn, a kick or a ban up to 30 min." We weren't warned in any way. Just straight banned. I don't see why other admins follow those guidelines but this higher up "server manager" is exempted from following them. 
8: Proof : https://imgur.com/a/E5Mynji

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I was just behind my teammate, when I saw him rush you, I thought that even if you killed him I could do it in his place, except that to my surprise you didn't knife him and so you focus me when i were trying to climb up. 

 It was a teamwork and its not allowed, even if it was a fun map.

You should have gone further to remove the doubt of any teamwork, and let do 1v1 (Your friend vs Checkster / Me vs You) if your friend insist to kill him.

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I did leave my friend to kill checkster. I went for you. I didn't think my friend would be able to even kill checkster , seeing as I said , he had 10x checkster's ping. No exaggeration. And It wasn't "teamwork" , if it were teamwork I would've eliminated the chances of checkster even having the chance to kill my friend by cockblocking his knifes. It wasn't even teamwork. I just didn't want to knife him then since it would've been easy to do so. 

Even if it were teamwork , which it clearly wasn't , it was meant to be a "warn" first before a kick / ban. 

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"any attempt will result in a warn, a kick or a ban up to 30 min"
"My mother asked me to go to the store today. She said i could buy apples, oranges or bananas"

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So wait, if a zombie refuses to knife a human and then knifes another human, both the zombie and the first human get banned?


Isn’t that kind of retarded since then any zombie could get anyone banned just by not knifing them?


What a clown fiesta. 

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