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Locked Robin's application


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1.  Ethan  santiago "Robin"  -  "19"

2.  Steam3ID: [U:1:367864645] 

3.  5 or 8 hours

4. I am a good player, as well as I have extensive knowledge of the game and the maps.  It is important to take care of the server as well as the community for a better experience.

5. Being an admin, you have to take into account the respect and responsibility of the position. You always have to be right and fair.  I already have several experiences. of which they must be very good

6. I'm 19 years old, I play sports, I live in Colombia. Main economic level is good. I currently work and train.  Being admin much more frequently. since you have to be aware of the server and the community

7 .First you have to see the player's fault and see how serious it is. Therefore, being first a warning by private message, after a failure the player is removed of server. And if you continue with the failure  you have to give it a ban

 I wait for the answer! Thanks for your time

GN :   =3

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  • Server Admin

Neutral,  I saw how you replied to the question and realized that you can't speak English very well, and you know this community using English to communicate between admins and not speaking English very well will be an issue with that also being skilled player doesn't mean good candidate for admin  but it could help, well anyway good luck. 

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