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Locked Mesh's Admin Request


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1: Ergün 25

2: STEAM_0:0:42333003

3: More than 10 years. %95 Escape zombie most of time. 

4: I am most of time an active player. Sometimes no admins online on nide escape server. And people going crazy like spamming too much, specialy kids. People starts to complaining about mic spamming.  And I believe i will be a fair admin if i can become.

5: I can tell you i never been admin before. couple of weeks i tried it on a turkish server but server didnt get much players and died. So i didnt try it before. I was an alone admin there ? But i believe i can deal with it. I am not a newbie on css escape.

6: I was working but not for now. I am a graphic designer but i dont like to do that job anymore so... I play this server everyday for many years but sometimes i take a break to css. Playing css everyday can become boring sometimes. But i play this mod and server for really long time and still enjoy it.

7: Hm. Firstly i dont know i will have ban access or not so i will answer like this. I would spec him to be sure if he is using aimbot.  If i'm sure that he using aimbot.

(if i have ban access ) I will kick him with (turn it off or ban nexttime) If he keep using it i would ban him for 1 week.

(if dont have ban access) I would tell head admin that he is aimbot. If no head admins online i would kick cheater again and again. And call the headadmin if i can.

If i cant find head admins for baning him, then i can make a quick player aimbot reporting on nide forum. But actualy i dont think that i couldnt find a head admin.  Most of time i see batata and lardy when i join server. (i know lardy, klixus, batata, anwar headadmins)

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