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Locked Deepn ZR apply


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Zombie Revival Admin Application

1 - Deepn , 22 y-o

2 - STEAM_0:0:1411042

3 - Around  8 years

4 - I am online everyday, a lot of connection time, have basic knowledge of sourcemods commands, i think the most important is being fairplay, nice, impartial and meet players' expectations.

5 - Having played 1.5 year ago on the Nide Surf server, I had been admin ( bought ) and that it went very well even if i had to leave css for some personals reasons. Now i'm playing mostly on the ZR server ( 90% of the time ) and i plan to play a lot of time.

6 - I'm part-time working so i'm playing everyday. I play at the moment only 2 games css and LoL ( for knowers  ) but mostly css, i will play everyday ( if i'm not playing one day i am in big troubles  :c ) 

7 - I will warn him first then ban if needed.


PS : sorry for bad english



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Good activity nice player, help players as a donated admin, your application is so good, good luck.

Also about question 7: dude you did mistaken, you have not to warn him, since you only can do: spectate him for checking if he is a hacker, just type /ban -player name- 10080 Aimbot or ban him from admin panel.

10080 minutes = 1 week.

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Good afternoon, at the moment you are Donat Admin, we do not have the right to take this privilege, so we will temporarily move it to the reserve.  After the end of your donation, we will discuss everything and give you an answer. Sorry for the bad english. Thanks!

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