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Locked Miho's admin application [FROZEN]


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Thank you for your kind replies, I have reconsidered and have chosen to freeze my application for now.

I'll re-apply next time somewhere in the near future once I have gained some more knowledge about the maps, and played abit more ZE. ?

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Good application, means good effort on writte it , u remember me to hamoud 

But 2 things :

I really don't know u 

If u are 17 and u started play in 2009, u went to internet cafes with 6 years, mm strange , that's so young for play css 


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I forgot about something crucial which is that I haven't really played alot of zombie escape, up till now, just casually. ?

Yeah, I got introduced to vidya incredibly early

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Well u need play more for apply... i only say

And if I saw you once but even so I hardly see you playing to be an admin you would have to be much more active wuw... i only say :y good luck 


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  • Server Admin

Hey Miho,, thanks for applying 

You wrote pretty nice application and seems you did really good effort on it, I was enjoying while reading it ?

Almost you answered all questions in good way and expressing you feelings and thoughts in  details 

Even I don't know you, but I believe you can improve your activity on the server because it's quite low, 8 hrs connection time 

But don't worry that thing can be fixed, so keep motivated and stay positive 

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Thank you for these kind responses, I will definitely work on that.

I did not know how crucial it was to have map knowledge, to transfer items, lead, etc. It's something I currently do not possess since I don't play alot of zombie escape, but I'll start working on it.


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I admire that you put time and effort into this application,made it proper,plus you didnt hide the fact that you werent an administrator on servers ,thats something I respect.

The others have already said what I had on mind,so I will not repeat it all again.

Get some more hours on the server,and you should be ready to join us.And about the knowing you part,I believe that will solve itself in time.

Good luck


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