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Event #60 || Nomination thread


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Event #60 || Nomination thread

Hello guys! For event #60, you will have the chance to suggest the kind of event that you want for Sunday.

But please keep in mind that:

  • The event needs to be somehow creative and challenging, globally. If you are going to suggest maps that we play often in the server, please add special kickers to them (ex: low gravity, no items, speed, etc.)
  • You can suggest one map or a bunch of maps. In this last case, try to not exceed a 5 hours duration of the maps we are going to play.
  • The event nominations will make it to the next phase (the poll) based on the number of Likes they have received.
  • Based on what is stated above, only the top5 of the suggestions with more Likes will be selected for the poll. If there isn't a top5, the event managers will choose the more appropriate nominations for the poll.
  • Also, event managers can modify/remove a nomination if they consider that it doesn't fit the concept of an event.

You can nominate a map(s) until Wednesday, 06/05/2020, 11h59 pm GMT+0.

Maps that you CAN'T nominate, because they were played recently:

  • ze_thriller_escape_fix
  • ze_corrup_r1 
  • ze_destruction_of_exorath_re3 
  • ze_toaster_v1_2 
  • ze_pizzatime_v4s
  • ze_shroomforest3_b6_2
  • ze_totemo_roka_b5s
  • ze_blackmesa_escape_final
  • ze_sc_turtles_v5fix
  • ze_sewer_escape_2012_b1
  • ze_Infected_Sewers_v6_5
  • ze_necromanteion_v3_1s_fix
  • ze_legoland_crackheads_v2
  • ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3f

Here is a list of the maps we currently have in the server to inspire your nomination. You can suggest maps that we don't have though, as long as they are playable.

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Dreaming defend.
1) ze_inboxed_v1_5
2) ze_greencity_v1_1
i remember that greencity have helicopter bug, and we can skip this 2 stages (from 4 stages lost 2 stages). Or make zm killer by stripper fastest then helicopter start lag.

1) fail damage
2) no rifles and m249
3) no rebuys (one nade per player)
4) disable !flash (not need and it server can start lag)

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  • Server Admin

The Laboratory Escape Marathon (Sort of):



Since beta is too easy (apparently) 1 nade rebuy cap and 2 times the price of rebuys, timelimit of 30 mins (since i think lvl2 is cancer at the end)

Since imagine tryharding lab v2 today (its played alot) zratio is 4 and 2 nade rebuys, lvl2 and lvl3 has no items, and lvl4 has no minigun and debuff, also tornado, cause solo item, who cares about rtv stage anyway lol

Since after killing your mind after the lab maps, rest your mind in ze_MindTree_v1_6s :lenny: (actually that might kill your mind instead)

Also pls 3pm gmt + 0 i've been waiting.
nice meme

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Nightmare Beginning...







Special Kickers :

- Saw needs to get the Bunker Ending (the 70 secs hold one). If the map generates the other ending, the win does NOT count!

        - Admins can either let them win but it will not count, or just restart the round.


- Except for Halloween House, flashlight are disabled on every maps.

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    • Hello katanYa, After carefully reviewing the demo and the video, I found that StickyClicker did not engage in wrongdoing. Given the context, the punishments handed out are warranted. I want to make it clear that StickyClicker's actions had no ill intention and were done to maintain server rules. In the demo, you were seen talking loudly and over leaders at times and being an annoyance during the event. Additionally, the chat logs show you were talking about serious political topics. While we tend to be lenient on political talk on the server at times, you were bringing up political topics during an event. This is not the place or time for such discussions. We hope you understand and reflect on your actions as you serve your punishment.
    • im really wondering how the hell i got muted when someone talked about a terrorist group that attacked my country im really in shock i've never expirenced such anti semetism in my life im just really in shock i got muted when someone talked about a terrorist group that attacked my country what the hell
    • 1: My ingame name:katanYa 2: My SteamID:STEAM_0:1:43587027 3: Name of the admin involved:The Clicker 4: What server did it happen on:ZE 5: Map:cant remember 6: Time and date:13/07/2024 7: Explanation of the situation: someone just talked about a terrorist group that attacked my country and me instead of being mad laughed about it and said that they tried to kill me because i got sick of people making fun of me and my country and guess what happend a racist anti semetic admin muted me for 10 minutes i didnt even mentioned the terrorist group name and i've been targeted by a clear case of anti semetism and its not the first time he muted me he just hate jewish people and thats a fact and then he tried changing the subject of my mute in chat i got unmuted and told him to shut up and he muted and gagged me for 1 month for no reason i dont think you should have this kind of abusive admin in this server it just doesnt make any sense if its not anti semetism then i dont know what is 8. proof https://medal.tv/games/counter-strike-source/clips/ifWX9IVoyR42V2Zio/d1337uTI7JDB?invite=cr-MSxoMDYsMjQ0OTg3MDA3LA
    • is it possible to set your name like this? or like this?

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