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Locked great ban..


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In-Game Name:WAEL[TN]

Steam ID: rly doesnt matter

Banned by:Batatata

Server: Zombie Escape :: http://NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD

date and time: 29/07/2020 17:24  pm

Reason: not shooting during lasers in madara temple to get his solo win

batata banned me today on icecap because of yesterday on madara temple i didnt shot the boss on the first lazers he didnt even listen to me he banned me for 1 week i tried to explaon him that is rly hard to shot on boss with 9-17 fps since my screen frezzes every 2 sec am  not even jk and he said  to me that i wanted solo that was his excuse 

am asking to unban me since that ban is rly a joke and none will agree with plus this he abused and slayed me on alien shoter cuz i did solo and thinks i was taemkilling thats rly a big meme.

Edited by WAEL[TN]
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he literally told me that there is more players didnt shot and he said i started with u. u ban all or dont this is literally not fair this is what nide becomes with this clown root

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Next rule : Doorhuging on purpose is prohibited, any attempt will result in a warn, a kick or a ban up to 30 min.


Pd : u only will be punished if u are laser/ff fag , if u not dont worry u can do whatever u want

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As someone who plays with low fps and sometimes have to deal with unstable internet, this is a bit sad for me. I get that people desperately want to win maps but banning because they do not complete an objective of a map is worrying. I myself always try to shoot anyway but almost every time I shoot, I die. Please do not make this into a rule. 

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  • Server Admin

Updating this post.

The ban will stay. It will be a ban of 4 days.

Everything was respected in this rule: "Not shooting intentionally during laser bossfights will be sanctionned by a slay if the stage is still not beaten. If it happens again, the player should be banned 30 min (ban will be longer if it's not the 1st time). Also, if the player has already many records of doing this, he will be banned directly when doing that. Also important to note that this doesn't apply to people who don't know how to dodge lasers properly and coordinate between jumping them and shooting the boss. Those players should obviously not be slayed/banned for that, since they are not doing it on PURPOSE."

List of your bans (let's say 7 in total, because using your Donated admin to unrestrict yourself doesn't really count):


So according to the ban intervals, it should be even 2 months eheh ^^':



Now about the ban: 

1) https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200728-205825-ze_madara_temple_v1fix.dem  Around 17:20

He can bhop. He can dodge the lasers. All of this with his screen freezing every 2 secs. But he can't shoot? Sure i will believe that the FPS was the issue for not shooting during lasers. And funny thing that he starts shooting (A LOT) when 90% of the people died. Incredible, right? And the most funny part is that after the round ends he says something like "Omg, nobody is shooting the boss, retards". Yea...

Now you're just right in one point. Maybe other people don't shoot either in laser maps, but in these situations i can't catch them all the same time. One day they will be punished too. Remember the times in school... When all the kids started talking with each other very loud and then the teacher just screams at 1 kid? Yea, it's life man. One day it will be you, one day it will be another guy.

On these maps you're not depending only of yourself, you're depending of other players to survive. And if they are not doing their part, INTENTIONALLY, then we have a problem. We don't play 15 mins of the map to reach the final lasers and then everyone dies because none decided to shoot. That's why it's "punishable", because if everyone did the same, we couldn't simply complete the map, which is something that most of the people want.

Try to develop a bit your lies next time. If it wasn't InGame, the ban would be 1 week just for lying (and avoiding the ban btw)


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