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  1. wanpad1234

    Hello, *sighs* I'm gonna leave to the server, and they wouldn't have come to seems like good nide are especially server for I have seen this good problem and nothing has it seems this from up that but friendly is not talking to me. I don't wanna play to counter strike server I have done it with him, So thank you all everybody! We're out of time. this is the best part of NiDE to be cool. Goodbye! I have a good to nice time, I'm going to leave now! Bye!
  2. wanpad1234

    Yes of course, i don't want anything to say again. thank you, sorry for my bad english.
  3. wanpad1234

    What do you mean, deliberate decision? why the hell did you bomb with me, are you ruined it anything isn't it?
  4. wanpad1234

    1. wanpad1234 2.STEAM_0:0:166182124 3.Sausage Clicker 4.STEAM_0:0:134803050 5.NiDE Zombie Escape 6.ze_atix_extinction_b7 7.24/5/2020 - 18 PM 8.Afternoon. But i playing to atix extinction against on this map, the Sausage Clicker is spamming to timebomb his wanpad & moray and then explosion two herself and he ruined the duo this really again. 9.Check this demo, https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200524-124914-ze_atix_extinction_b7.dem
  5. wanpad1234

    Very good, We're going to start for waiting this match up.
  6. wanpad1234

    Slender Escape Soundtrack List: Slender Escape - Stage 1 (Dark Knight Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 1 (Why Do We Fall Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 2 (Slender Theme with Instrumental & Nightmare Remix to 1 Hours) Slender Escape - Stage 2 (Smell of Victory Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 3 (Promise Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 3 (A Hero's Return Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 4 (Spirit of Champions Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 4 (Serenity Theme) Slender Escape - Stage 4 (Flameheart Theme) Slender Escape - 8 Pages (Page 1-2 Theme) Slender Escape - 8 Pages (Page 3-4 Theme) Slender Escape - 8 Pages (Page 5-6 Theme) Slender Escape - 8 Pages (Page 7-8 Theme) Slender Escape - Survival (Invaders Must Die Theme) Slender Escape - Barrel Mode (Self vs Self in Flames Theme) Slender Escape - (Monkey Bomb Theme)
  7. wanpad1234

    pidaras stage 1 music (Let's Boogie)
  8. wanpad1234

    it's a kind of lego now!
  9. wanpad1234

    pidaras stage 1 music (soul bossa nova)
  10. wanpad1234

    i must be really that boring, i never that should can't be that event something that happens lost? but i why can't playing after must sleeping it's tired the event yourself? i know you wasn't it that can't be a lied seems final chapter for event most last chapter i can't didn't that more it, but i came some really gods approval is really that about him the test him for something like this, He's just ridiculous.
  11. wanpad1234

    fapescape extreme music
  12. wanpad1234

    fapescape stage 2 boss music
  13. wanpad1234

    fapescape normal music
  14. wanpad1234

    paranoid rezurrection lobby music