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Hello my name is BMS , bro man salami for friends  im over 18 years old by far

STEAM_0:0:546399875 , and my discord its BMS i guess 

4-5 years

3d 20:22:24h

I think my admin experience is pretty useful for the server and im glad to help community to get better

I was admin between 2018-2021 i guess ( leave admin team when batata leave the managment ) but im not sure tho

Well i have no many time to play ze , but i can play sometimes , i  only play css tho , so all my videogames time is for this game 

I could say what everyone say , i will spec him and warn him and.... , naaah , i hate cheaters insta ban for me , always watching the ban rules ofc

Sorry for my english and for the short apply , but i think everyone knows me already


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Good player still active and I remember him as a good admin

3 hours ago, FroZRil said:

So, what server do you apply then? ?

He's applying for ZE

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