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Locked DEATH GOD COMPLEX's Application

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1. Your Name and Age - DEATH GOD COMPLEX - 18

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:199533603

3. How long are you playing CSS? - 7 years

4. Why do you think, we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community? -  Why You Think You Deserve This Rank:

-Introduction/Experience: Hello my in-game name is DEATH GOD COMPLEX. My real name is Jayden. I am currently Rank “Paid Admin ” now I know I’m not very active on the forums and I am trying to improve on that but mainly my personal goal is to help and watch the community grow as a whole. Every time a staff problem comes up I try to take care of it first even if I am in a match cause you know the staff over the game. 

5. Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can benefit us having you as an admin? 

Previous Staff Experience: - 2years as a {trial moderator} on gmod servers, 1 month on Nide Servers as {Paid Admin}

6. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server? 


If I get accepted as "Admin” I will not go off and be inactive also as of now I spend most of my time trying to be on Nide Servers and usually spend around a good 13-16 hours on Nide Server alone which is not healthy but I really enjoy hanging out with you guys.

My attitude towards people is mainly nice inviting and I am at best behavior when talking to someone I don’t usually get upset it takes a lot to upset me which is a plus cause I’m not going to spaz out if someone doesn’t listen ill stay calm and try to asses the situation and bring it to a stop and get what people need to be done

My Personality towards people is an approachable personality I like being around people and helping out as much as I can with that being said some of the [Staff Duties] of an admin are to overwatch the [T-Admins] and help them out as needed and to improve the Gameplay experience for everyone making it fun for all and the server runs smoothly.

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