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    Zombie Escape Event #43 19/01/2020 - 3 pm GMT+0 Wingardium Leviosa We cannot say his name...But he's back!Collect your wands, Hogwarts' students! It's time to put in practice what we learnedAnd destroy him once and for all! *WINGARDIUM LEVIOSAAA* Goodluck! Up to 10 Days of VIP to winners! Event information: We will play the following map(s): ze_harry_potter_v2_1 (which you can download manually here) Time of the event: 19/01/2020 at 3 pm GMT+0 Special rules: Rules will be enforced strictly during the whole event, since the map being played can be quite hard to manage, specially in extreme stages. Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished directly, without a warning. Leader: Any willing one. Rewards: Up to 10 days of VIP to winners, considered this way: Map has 12 stages. You will receive 2 days of VIP for each extreme stage won (from stage 7 to 12, except for stage 9, the zm stage). So in total there are 5 stages where you can possibly get VIP. Connect information: Server: Zombie Escape IP: Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group
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    Hello, my name is Sausage Clicker, and I would like to apply for a mapper-admin role on nide. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198229871828/ I have been playing CSS for only a little over a year, however, I have been playing zombie escape for a little over 5. I would like to apply to be a mapper-admin to lend my particular set of skills from an expert glitches, to hammer knowledge, and a calm and systematic thinking process when placed in unusual situations or under pressure. Something that I find essential on a zombie escape server is catering towards the community, there are a lot of older players who feel entitled to troll because they have done so for years, but I really want to create an atmosphere supporting of the new players in addition to removing the stigma surrounding no-steamers. In the last month, I have just stepped down from an admin and managerial role from the csgo ze server zeddys, as well as a head admin position on an old garry's mod prophunt server and so have plentiful experience with commands and how to deal with anyone. I am a uni student, currently, with only 13 hours a week of courses, this leaves a lot of free time for me to be on the server, and providing I'm not playing ultimate frisbee with the boys or eating, I am an easily accessible option to ask to come onto the server at any time to assist in any potential dramas. As to the Aimbot case, I actually found it really intriguing because in my time as an admin on the Gmod Community - Soup Network, i actually spoke to another player about this. Communication is really important, I sent him a message on steam, and in discord, and asked him if was using any hacks. I would then proceed to explain the importance of fair play and the necessity of equal opportunity, as appealing to someone's conscience is what I've found to be the best way. If he refuses to communicate, speccing him for mannerisms such as movement, and checking his skills before making a decision based on the information at hand. I hope i can assist in keeping this amazing community afloat, Sausage
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    1. Kirill (21 Year) 2. Steam_ID: 0:1:55805927 3. 9 Year play in Counter Strike Sourse. Started playying on HELLZ.FR in 2011 4.I was up to the army for 2 years admin NIDE and want to regain also to command and play as before. I like the server and I want to improve it , to make the game fun and interesting and pass a lot of difficult maps 5. I'm for fair and team play. 6. I play every day for several hours on the server I have my own YouTube channel 7. first, I'll find out if this player really has an aimbot. Then I'll give him a warning, if this player will not listen to me you will have to ban him for a certain time
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    Not gonna lie, Nide is probably the best ZE server right now
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    +1 , We need Robin's substitute , and more latinos admin , to piss off klixus
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    1. Michael, 25 years 2. STEAM_0:1:525795054 3. 10 years 4. I perfectly know this server, players and all maps 5. I never was admin in css but also perfectly know how to be 6. I play very often 7. I'll make him to understand that it's not allowed, warn, kick and if it not help - ban.
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    Hello @Romkiller, Hello @Hope인생이다, Romkiller, if an admin doesn't want to give you "drugs" on lasers because this game is too easy for u, its not a reason to disrespect an admin (including insults + tag change). I checked the chat; Hope tried to explain you why it's annoyed him and asked u to change your tag before doing a punishment, so those 2 kicks are justified but not the ban because we have some powers wich help us to try do not ban. Hope, u could understand this situation differently, because this tag was the result of the first answer that u said "f*ck solo player tbh" you didn't even answered to him when he asked you to give him drugs and you directly said that, so he started to say "gay admin" and changed his tag. i Don't teach u anything..if a player is annoying you in chat, try to stay calm...ignore him...and if he keep spaming some insults about you, then warn him ang start appropriate punishments (including the goods durations because ban a player 1 hour for that is an abuse tbh). Since inGame gave free V.I.P for everyone on december i noticed some players who change their tags when they Don't likes one decision made by an admin, i know free V.I.P ill end soon but i'm thinking about add a new rule that remove V.I.P (or tag) for players who use their tag to disrespect an admin, i'll talk with anothers lead and management about this. i let this topic open if anothers admins would likes to reply on this one. thx for u report.
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    A well written Admin Application! I saw you managing Zeddy well and i trust your mapping skills. Big +1!
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    +1, really good knowledge about how maps works and Also good guy and good leader
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    I was really waiting for this. you are a good leader in difficult maps and it would be great to have you as an admin +1 and it would also be great if you added me to steam :lenny:
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    Really well written application that's a big +1 from me ;)
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    +1 for this guy i mean a lot of people wrote essays for their admin application and we saw the results absolute sh*tters Wicked is by far better then all of them and we don't need a well written application because we saw the results don't judge a book by its cover Wicked is a veteran when it comes to ze he knows most of the maps ,the rules and the playerbase unlike other admins you guys recruited And he speaks russian so he can communicate with the retarded russian players(not all obviously but most of them ) Again admin application is overrated and should not take it that seriously Thats just my opinion everyone have his own
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    Lmao gyus so funny. I was not going to be admin. U gyus ASKED me to be. Now u want to know everything about me. WTF? It simple good player can be good admin. U can always demote me. So if u think what I have to tell u everything about my life to be admin u r wrong.
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    your mom was a social experiment she was so ugly they made here breed with pigs and monekys no man on earth wanted to f*ck ur mom and guess what is the result of that experiment yeah gg its you holy sh*t you ugly no iq pig face moneky brain kid
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    22?i still can be your father.ask your mom about me,you prik
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    kid?are you older than 20 years?if you answers is no then i can be your father.and why so aggressive?do you have inferiority complexes?
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    @Romkillerhm... U know wht?? To be completely 100% honest this is my 3rd time getting triggered by players. But most of the time I'd just ignore them but this time I was high and I'd overreact a bit too much and I'm sorry.
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    Part 3 of the event was beaten as well. Winners will be rewarded with VIP in January by Batata.
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    Part 1 of the event was beaten... and very well beaten! GG guys! Winners will be rewarded in January.
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    +1 Pro player Who knows all the maps, good leader and good guy as well Also , he is a fair player , he never troll or something The only problem is ur short aplication
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    When pivo ebanned me 1 month for dropping heal down 2 times on mako v6 and when inGame banned me other month for using bad killer in tyranny last lvl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)