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Let me explain why your server lost players


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From pro player's point of view it can be hard to understand, I'll try to explain.


FFmaps are for players who play CSS ZE from a long time, new players know they can’t win the map and are only here to defend and let “pro” having the satisfaction to win, in 2021 they all know that, that’s why they don’t come anymore.

You play ffmaps with only experienced players, but if one day, half of good players don’t come to play, the server became empty, because it’s always the same names of players who play these maps.

Some long stages maps are problematic too, lots of players wants to play around 60 min a day, they don't want to play long stage maps that use all their time, they prefer to play several maps.

Hard and long maps ofc too, like deadcore, hsc, dreamin, santa, madara etc (for obvious reasons, same as ffmaps).


Nemesis isn’t appreciate too, maybe sometime one map nemesis for 15 min is ok, but you guys play nemesis for more than 2 hours in a row it's bad for them.

Furthermore, you need to have some skill to appreciate nemesis game, no-experienced player die at start against nemesis or know they will have 0 impact in the game, the majority of players don’t have fun in theses maps. Knife maps are cancer too, where only experienced players with best config, commands etc can win.


Unloze server is a good exemple of what the largest community want: they play a lot of shorts maps and always have a lot of players in the day.

To resume:

-limit ffmaps

-limit long stages maps and hard long maps

-limit nemesis maps and knife maps

And you will find your population back (sorry for my english mistakes, I’m writing this very fast). Thanks for reading.

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But nide has had the current map restrictions for a while and has had the population fine earlier.


And these special saturdays which are essentially what you describe have the lowest population

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3 hours ago, Nidthill said:

You play ffmaps with only experienced players


Maybe if you actually try to play FF maps you will have map knowledge, experience and became the experienced player yourself, it looks hard when boat escape player said it, but its actually a fun map rather than playing most of casual map. Does not matter if you die at the ending of FF maps, you can always try to beat it on the next session.

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35 minutes ago, Glacius Verglas said:

This is what a healthy server looks like:

This is what a no-steam padded server looks like:

You can buy players but you can't have them learn.
Thus, playing "hard" maps becomes a chore.

I rest my case.

Don't forget the bots to prevent the server going below 20 players


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If we increase the limit for FF maps we are losing our "Final Fantasy" players,if we limit nemesis maps we are losing our "Nemesis" players and so on...

Sometimes it is really hard to balance things,unfortunately, even if we want to.

The real problem in my eyes is the same maps every day. I really wanted to bring back some of the old maps on the table but players are used to either surf/nemesis/knife map or FF.

There are plenty of short maps that don't include lasers or nemesis , which players are just not familliar with...

We will figure out something in the future so you all can be pleased to play , thanks for your spent time writing this.

P.S. Bring back the basic zombie escape ?

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This community became garbage since batata left the team tbh his events were good and creative and actually made me exited  for the weekend to play them . Now the events are trash with a bunch of trash maps and no good leaders  bunch of monkeys running around with 0 clue what to do with time people will start leaving this donut quality server 


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And to all the sweaty ff fags god you are the lowest of the low the way you tryhard in a map you played 1000 time and still find the enjoyment playing it is something beyond my understanding you must be the most boring people in real life and the way you actually get triggred over mistakes done by some new players is actually sad and pathetic go get a life you losers god i detest you all fking playing the maps over and over and over and over without getting bored  f*ck you all

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Interesting topic and debate but we can bring on many explanations : 

  • This will be an eternal debate about tastes and cooldown on maps : FF / Nemesis / etc. like Demon explained it well
  • Others reasons were not mentioned : we had lot of players due to lockdown in many countries. Which explains why the population on CSS ZE servers rise up last few months 
    Then most of the people went back to their work / studies even if there is some lockdown still in some countries
  • The game is old but still the community is very interesting and active
  • Limiting maps because they are long, with laser, with nemesis or whatever would limit also the population on the server. People vote for what they want (...or for what some mic user tell them to vote ?)
  • For the events @Daddy le toxic you can check this thread and feel free to make some suggestion : 
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On 1/21/2021 at 6:18 PM, Life is a Bitch said:

Others reasons were not mentioned : we had lot of players due to lockdown in many countries. Which explains why the population on CSS ZE servers rise up last few months 

That can only explain so much, many countries are still in lockdowns right now, when your population is varying massively differently on different days it's not an issue of lockdowns at that point.


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