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Locked wenderer other abuse just right now

Iris Shehaj

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name-Iris Shehaj

steamid- STEAM_0:0:502496588

time- 1:15


EXPLAIN- he said: i will listen to Creepy coz he leading, and creepy said: ban Iris, and he baned me, than he removed my ban.

do it seem fair?

he need demote


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Iris my guy, you weren't banned and unbanned, you were just kicked with the reason  of being banned.

wanderer<752><[U:1:330155922]><> kicked Iris Shehaj<508><[U:1:1004993176]><> (reason You Have been Banned From this server , check bans.nide.gg for)

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Lol this kid crying again? Firstly, u literally said in chat "ban me".  Secondly, u was annoying to every1 cos u cried like 10 min why u ebanned. Next time i will eban and mute u 1 month only cos u keep doing this stupid reports.

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  • Server Admin

Luffy you are a good boy and a great player. I agree with you and I totally respect and thank you for reporting what you felt bad or uncomfortable. Luffy you are good and all of the players are your friends and teasing among players is common, you should also try to play with them and go with the flow and try to keep quiet when admins tell you, as I tried to tell you not to speak after wanderer removed your comm block but you didn't stop, also 1 day comm block is not so wise keeping in view that Luffy lead us and most of the time playing when you guys are not. On the other hand, I'm really sad to see how few senior players or admins are misusing their powers and reacting to reports or a player's remarks. You guys need to understand players not yourself. That's sad. Don't try to call me a person with low iq, I am wise enough to understand  a person.

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