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1. Cloud, 17 years old.

2. Cloud#5842

3. Steam: STEAM_0:0:555188798

4. Since 2012

5. I have a little experience.

6. Strict evaluation the behaviour of the players. (Already have)

7. About me: a Cheerful guy, I can raise the mood in the team, provoke a desire to act. I smoke and drink. Calmly assess the hot situation. I study at school, so I don't have to go to the game sometimes. I can quickly resolve the conflict and calm both sides. I love any card from the Final fantasy series.

8.From the beginning, I will follow him, I will follow him for a long time until I am convinced that he uses cheats. If the theory is confirmed, I will be forced to ban it for 1 week. If this isn't his first ban, I'll extend it.

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Hey there, Cloud. Good job you applied for an admin. I'm really happy to see that you would like to help and serves the community. Even though, the application is short and not in details (referring to the answers for question 5 and 6), but it's alright since you've shown me what have you done as donated admin, it makes me feel like you could be better as trial admin! Therefore, here, +1 from me ☺️  you deserves a chance.

People can change. ♥️ da da, and I wish you the best luck. 


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  • Server Admin

Hey cloud 

i just read your application despite its short one and your English is  bad  but you as donated admin doing fairly good, playing most of maps and being active , taking the right decisions , but the thing that i dont  like it is spamming soundboards which isnt good thing to do as an admin , i would like to see you 1 part of admin team and helping the community 

accepted !

message me when you are free 

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