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Locked Vasiliy's Application


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1. Max, 18 y.o. 

2. Vasiliy the Crusader #4444

3. STEAM_0:0:4413733

4. 11 years, started in 2009 and in 2014 started to play mostly ze, before that was playing deathruns, minigames, normal mode and ze also but not that frequently.

5. English, russian, ukrainian languages,  also unquenchable desire to punish trollers

6. I've been admin on a lot of servers including NIDE and never spammed with soundboard with this responsibility but was demoted for being inactive

7. I live in Lviv, Ukraine and currently I work full-time as software engineer in company named GK software(mostly I work from 7 AM  to 3 PM) and also study in university on speciality artificial intelligence(but as daddy le communist said in his application f*ck university I rely on my high IQ and I'm absolute unit so never attend classes), so I have free time only on weekend and sometimes on weekdays' evenings

8. First I will spectate him and in case of confirmation that he uses aimbot I will ask to turn it off, if he doesn't listen I will ban him for couple of hours

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aim said it could be more extensive
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В 25.10.2020 в 23:58, aimzAKAR сказал:

Nice guy, good leader, not a troll.

Only downsides: soundboard spams, the application can be a bit more extensive.

I added something to my application

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I remember he was admin, before reborn of nide project. So he have an experience how to rule with overall stuff.


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  • Server Admin

hey Vasya 

good to see you again on Nide team , hopefully you will improve what you was lacking of when you was trial  , good luck 

accepted !

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