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Locked M i v e c


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1. Your Name and Age: Mivec , 17

2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:177348910

3. How long are you playing CSS ? Roughly since 2013? Before gfl died.

4. Why do you think, we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community?

Well , I have pretty decent gameplay knowledge of most relevant maps with items , where they're supposed to be used and how etc. how to appropriately deal with trollers / inflators in a way that is fitting to them or the severity of said act. What's most important to me on a community/server would be the players. Admins shouldn't be considered "superior" to the players just because they have a few extra permissions. Players should have the right to express their opinions without being it being criticized by admins as being a "crybaby" just because they dare to speak out against punishment that they feel is unfair. 

5. Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can benefit us having you as an admin?

I was trial on nide.ru for about 2 weeks before getting demoted for ungagging someone that got gagged unfairly. As for other things that can benefit "us" as having myself as admin is that I know pretty much all the useful commands from the time I was trial and well , I can deal with most people that troll / die on purpose.

6. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server?

Currently in what's generally known as "college" , first year , just finished most of my exams for this year with 1 left. Probably going to get further education after that. (if its relevant at this point in time). Currently I rarely play on the server since there's really not much it has to offer me seeing as there are only 1 level maps being played when I'm on or can play css , and well , there's not really any players that are worth being on the server just to talk or mess around with them. I am however , going to be on holiday during December so I will probably be on more often during that period. 

7. here is a small question need to answer it , imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him  how will you deal with that? Write your answer  in full details more detailed answer mean better answer , new admin applications should consider this question .  

Considering I am a trial admin and have no ban permissions , I'd go and spectate him , see if he's blatantly aimbotting ( constant headshots or incredibly high damage for that particular player etc. ) , confirm that he is indeed aimbotting and then just proceed to call a higher-up admin with ban permissions to come and deal with him. I would keep him off the server or try to get him off either by kicking him , freezing him , stripping him etc. before the admin with ban perms gets on the server just so he doesn't ruin the experience for others. 

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1 hour ago, Mivec01 said:

Currently I rarely play on the server since there's really not much it has to offer me seeing as there are only 1 level maps being played when I'm on or can play css , and well , there's not really any players that are worth being on the server just to talk or mess around with them. I am however , going to be on holiday during December so I will probably be on more often during that period. 

Very well written application. And i sincerely believe he would be a good admin. The only negative thing in this app is that he basically says there is nothing appealing to him as the server currently stands, and will only be active for 2 weeks during the hollidays.


try to get him off either by kicking him , freezing him , stripping him etc.

+1 for describing weird ways to get other men off

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

I’ll be extremely severe with u because i really trust that u can be really useful as administrator.

so at the first it’s a big +1

let’s start.

Really well written application, I never said it but it’s courageous to com here and apply seriously, it’s the same with all applications here.

At the first: ur job, now, is to be admin, and, knowing when and where to use an item help, it’s true, but it doesn’t make everything. If a noob take an item u have to teach him how and where to use it, u can’t etransfer because u don’t know him or u think he is bad even if errors must happen.

A good thing: A good administrator are like a player: it’s true and not true:

A player doesn’t have the responsability to manage the server and like I said on some others applications, seeing an admin manage the server and being this admin doing that is really different because as admin u must pay attention to the all details, a good action can be close to an abuse; but, since u have already been an admin u should understand that easily; that’s  why, if players doesn’t extend a map in the votemap (9) u shouldn’t do it (for example)

But u right an admin is not « superior » especially if he don’t make his job.

I hope we’ll see u in the admin team.


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He made fun of the community more than once. He makes fun of the whole admin team. He rips players and makes them commit mistakes in the game such as trolling with objects.
This person has heard nothing of respect and decency.

Doesnt know how to talk to a human normally.

He is toxic and constantly complains about everything and always expresses imprudent.

May be that personal feelings are included. But that does not change the fact that he can do the same to others.

Before taking him into the admin team, i would like to see that he has changed with his behaviour.

So its a BIG -1 from my side.


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So criticising the community and its admin team is apparently making fun of it? Do you really think that nide can improve as a server without facing criticism from its players? By saying I make fun of the server and its admins as though it’s a bad thing you’re saying that no one can or should criticise admins and the server even if there’s something wrong with either? What’s the point of having admins then if they’re just clones of each other , all thoughtless yes-men? 


Secondly , you mention that I rip into players and make them commit mistakes within the game. This I can’t deny. But is there really anything severely wrong with this? The bad players will die anyway regardless of my “making them commit mistakes”? If anything , then dying earlier into the round is better for the ct team as they don’t inflate the hp or bosses. They learn what not to do as well , no? And you say this like I’m the only player that gives false information. Just earlier today one of your new trials was shouting “jump crouch jump jump or whatever” when it was the complete opposite. I didn’t see any leads / other admins saying not to do this so why I am so special that you have to mention it so pertinently?

Never heard of respect and decency? I’m sorry , who was the lead admin that called me a “crybaby” for saying what other admins did was unfair or abuse? Not to mention these. 



Just because I don’t talk properly with you doesn’t mean I’m incapable of conversing with other humans properly.

You say I’m toxic and constantly complain about everything and express myself imprudently 

Nide is no longer a dictatorship is it not? The admin reports section is there for a reason is it not? Is there anything wrong with my making use of that section?

Personal feelings are definitely involved here. Just take a look at the screenshots on surf facility for yourself or go take a look at the demo if you want to. 

Maybe you should think about why Anwar said what he said.

Sorry for the garbage formatting in advance or sentences that don’t make sense. Typing this at 1 in the morning on my phone.

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God this man sure talks alot and bitchez a lot and if he gets admin we will see a lot of drama and im all for it 

Anyways i see mivec bring valid and solid takes when ever he debates, the kid is smart

Sure this bonbo can be toxic(most of the time) but ill pick this bonbo over most of the other admins 

However the nigga dosn't realy care about being in server that much and honestly i don't blame him the maps realy suck during the evenings 

If he gets admin pretty sure he will know how to deal with most abusers/trollers ect..

He is a regular and probably got more knowledge than most of the trials by far 

Its actually not even close gotta give credit when it must be given

However the kid showed that he trolls the players and f*cks with them from time to time honestly for me its not that big of deal however rules are rules 

At the end of the day i think and when i think i put a lot of my 142iq into it that dosn't happen a lot since im stoned most of the time 

Im against giving him a trial however his knowledge and the way i expect  him to deal with the trollers/abuset ect... will be on point better then any other trial  the kid have potential  so i say yes for him and leads need to keep an eye on him he could be a fantastic perma admin 

Last advices drop the ego a bit stop debating the whole time (sometimes you need to let insignificant stuff go )

As for @LmntriX i see that he is strongly against you and i can see why and i personally don't blame the man  however i know that lmntrix is flexible and can accept you

Lmntrix trust me on this one give him a trial and test the kid he is not bad when it comes to the points i mentioned before he is by far better then the other guys however if his not active and keeps the bitchy attitude and the toxicity then send him the shadow realm

f*ck me i need to smoke one now my brain overheated




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  • Server Admin

Speaking of what makes fun of the community, I actually find Keeping Henry as admin for long time makes fun of the community and everyone was waiting for the demotion 

Also recruiting admin like robin? That admin every one wandering how he get trial and they making fun of him, that guy doesn't know what to do + he missing with  commands. 

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